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Meet Brooke!

Hello Everyone! My name is Brooke Knifong. I am a hair stylist for the new Kearney, Hello Lovely location! I am a recent graduate from Z Hair Academy in August, of 2023.

My inspiration for pursuing a career in hair started when I was young. I used to persuade my brothers to be my first clients. I didn't stop there; continuing to style our pets by tying our dog's fur with bows and hair ties.

My passion now is focused more on color services, especially balayage and lived-in colors.

Goals for myself: to continue my education, and advance my career. I’m hoping to soon broaden my services to include several types of hair extension options.

Things i’m passionate about:

I love trying new food, and finding hidden local restaurants and coffee shops.

I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors; going to the lake, hiking and visiting the dog park with my dog, Phoebe.

I’ve recently started transitioning to more natural and organic lifestyle and being more aware of the products I use at home.

Sneak Peak Into Our Design Process!

Kearney is getting a never before seen salon design! We are mixing natural elements and Luxury to give a warm and inviting look, with an edge. You will notice a different shades of pink, beige, and gold. But, we didn't stop there. We know we need an accent color to make the space pop!

Can you guess what color we picked?!...

BLUE! This color choice gives the salon a whole different vibe. It's safe to say, we are in love with our new space. Plus, a touch of gold, to tie in the luxury experience.

How's Construction Going?

We are so grateful for this rain in August!

Because of to this crazy weather, the

construction workers have been able to complete more working in our salon. Since, they were unable to continue outdoor jobs. This has made our prediction of opening to the public around the end of August, a hopeful REALITY!? 🤞🏻

A note from Ashley

This whole endeavor has been saturated with provisions from the Lord. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of community support and love that we have already been receiving. From clients, landlords, construction crews, the chamber and just good neighbors. It has been provision after provision for making this dream a reality.

What probably only close friends and family know is that I have been searching for a location in Kearney for over a year! Last year at this time I was actually exploring the space that the boutique just renovated.

Some may think that just because we have other locations already, that this is an easy endeavor. But it has probably been more of a step in faith if I were being honest. I am so thankful for friends and family willing to help late into the night to save every penny possible to make this happen.

I hope to see so many new wonderful faces soon and can't wait to get to know the people of this community that we call our home.

❤️ AB

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