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Mondays aren't that bad anymore

We have been wanting to find a way to give back to our loyal clients for a while now! So we are very excited to announce that starting Monday Sept 3rd we will be going live on Monday mornings with makeover tips, tricks, and suggestions to make your beauty routine easier!

We need your help!

This is going to be great but we need to know what you wish you new! We don't know what you don't know. Our ultimate goal is to help you and be a resource for all your beauty questions. So email them to us! Any questions you have about your beauty routine will be answered on our facebook live stream each Monday morning! Can't watch on Monday morning? Don't worry, we will leave it up on our page so you can look back and watch our tutorials and suggestions over and over again!


Dry shampoo isn't just for 2nd day hair. Is your clean hair weighing you down? Add some of your dry shampoo after the shower and blow dry for instant volume and texture!


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