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Hair Extensions: Everything you've wanted to ask your stylist!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to understanding the terms, what to expect at an appointment and pricing to be aware of before you ever step into the salon–everything you wished you knew about hair extensions from a Hello Lovely stylist!

*Photo extensions done by Lynsey Cox @ Hello Lovely Salon - Liberty

Have you ever been getting your hair done, and look over to a stylist holding a thread and needle up to someone’s head? If so, chances are that guest is getting extensions. Your stylist might have even recommend them to you.

Now the extension world can be a bit overwhelming between tape in, hand sewn, beaded, I - tip, or keratin bonded. Its important to view all your options for extensions, because lets be honest they aren’t cheap.

That’s why I’m going to walk you through ALL of the different kinds of extensions, so you can make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle.

Tape In Extensions

Let’s take it back to 2010. That’s right, side parts, bobby pin bumps, and the introduction to tape in extensions. This method didn’t fully take off until 2015. So, if you did have them in 2010 you were the trend setter. The tape in extension method is when individual extension hairs are attached to a medical grade adhesive. It’s about a 2 inch square that the extension hair is attached to, or otherwise known as tabs. Then your stylist will take a small section of your hair and sandwich it in between the two pieces of the medical grade adhesive. In which, the extension hair is intertwined with your natural hair. You’re stylist will then begin sectioning your hair into different sections. The amount of sections will depend on if you’re getting these for fullness or for length. Once all of the tabs are placed your stylist will use sheers (fancy hair scissors) to blend the extension hair into your natural hair. Its important to note that it is not recommended to wash your hair for 48 hours after this service.

Hand Sewn Extensions

The next type of extensions were going to discuss are hand sewn extensions. With this method you will have 2-3 wefts that will be sewn row by row, to your natural hair. The stylist will try to get the row as close to your roots as possible.

Since you’re scalp isn’t

used to excessive amounts of tension, this may cause you to experience headaches the first couple of days. This method can be one of the more uncomfortable feeling ones. Although, since this is just handtied you may have to go in for adjustments more often. Due to the thread coming loose or busting.

With this method you are able to reuse the extension hair until you feel like it's unwearable.

The cost of hair can run anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Installation cost will vary by stylist, and experience.

These extensions can also be called Natural Beaded Rows, Hand Tied Wefts, Threaded, Invisible Beaded, or other terms. They all mean that the stylist will use a needle and thread to attach the rows to your natural hair.

This type of extension offers great benefits for those who prefer having thicker longer hair! You are able to put it up in a pony tail, cause less stress on the natural hair, brush and maintain more easily, and style with less being seen!

Invisible beads are the newest method that many stylist are getting special training on. This method is just like the hand-tie method. The only difference is the stylist will thread very tiny beads in 1 cm sections of your hair. Then, they will take a needle and thread through your hair and the bead. The bead will help to keep your hair all at the same level and keep the thread from sliding or breaking.

*Photo extensions done by Lynsey Cox @ Hello Lovely Salon - Liberty

Keratin Bond

Keratin Bond extensions are made from keratin bond protein. Its a very small amount of keratin protein on a few stands of extension hair. Your stylist will then take a tool called, Kara Link to fuse the bond between the extensions hair and your hair.

Keratin extensions run anywhere from $800 to $3,000. The pricing will depend on if you’re wanting a full head of hair or just wanting them for fullness in certain areas.

Keratin Bond extensions will leave your hair feeling the most natural and unweighted. It is important to note that with these extensions you can wear them up to 3-5 months.

To prevent damage make sure you set up an appointment around 4 months for any maintenance you’ll need.

With keratin bond extensions you are only able to use that keratin bond one time. So, you’ll either have to cut the bond off the extension at your next appointment and use the rest of the length left, or get a whole new set every time.

I Tip

The last method of extensions we will go over are “I Tip” extensions. These are the very versatile extensions and are used in surprising ways. “I Tips” can be used to fill in spots that hand sewn, or beaded methods can not cover.

The added in I Tips will give your hair a seamless effect. “I Tips” are also great for wanting to pop in some full color, but not wanting to commit to it. While this is possible with tape in extensions as well, I personally think that I-tips stay in a little better than tape in extensions. Also, if you’re just wanting to pop in some color its the best bang for your buck.

Depending on how much color you’re wanting to pop in its around $300 to $500. Its important to note that with I-tip extensions you are able to reuse the hair until you feel like its getting worn.


Now, that we’ve discussed all of the different kinds of extensions, we need to cover the maintenance that comes with them.

No matter which ones you choose.

You will not be able to sleep with wet hair.

Stylists usually recommend you blow-dry your hair every time you take a shower. This is due to the fact that it’s a lot easier for moisture to hide in you extensions when you let them stay wet.

Also, you will need to get a special brush with your extensions, that will make it easier to detangle. You will have to brush them from ends, to roots. Your stylist may also recommend specific product for the longevity of your extensions.

PRO TIP - Sleep with your hair in a braid or low ponytail, to prevent any hair breakage while sleeping!


That was a lot

I know this seems like a ton of information being thrown at you all at once, but at Hello Lovely we value client information. Here we won’t try to hide any options from our guests. We only want what’s best for you.

*Photo extensions done by Lynsey Cox @ Hello Lovely - Liberty

That is why we have specific appointments for hair extension consolations. This is when you and your stylist, certified in extensions, will sit down and go over all of your options together. At this time, it’s important for you to share any life challenges that you may have. Some life challenges could be, not wanting to get out of bed for long periods of time, or weight loss surgery. These things are important to discuss because we do not want to set any of our guest up for failure.

In order for us to give you the best advice we need all of the information and for you to be honest with us.

Extensions at Hello Lovely Salon

We are all humans, that come with different challenges and life habits. Extensions are one of those services that stylist have to take very seriously. If not cared for correctly, they can be extremely damaging.

That is why at Hello Lovely we will do everything in our power to give you the best advice and options. If you have challenges, and we feel extensions are not the best option for you, we will be honest with you.

We are a hair salon but we are humans first. That is why we will never try to sell you something that we do not think will fully benefit you or your hair. All of our stylists strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients, those we feel are built on honestly and respect.

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