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200 initial set

Lash extensions are great for anyone who enjoys waking up and feeling pulled together without putting in a ton of effort. They are also great for going to the lake or pool on a regular basis since there is no mascara needed! 

Once your lashes have been placed you will want to maintain their look. You can choose to have a fill every week to 3 weeks depending on how full you like them. The appointments for your lash fills last 45-90 min depending on how many weeks you wait.


If you choose to get fills every week you will create a fuller effect and see less shedding. Normally those who choose to get lash extension fills every week tend to not need mascara on a regular basis. 



When you have been going to someone else and decide you would rather see Paige. This service is for you. 

Lash lifts are a semi permanent curling method for your lashes. This is a 90 minute treatment and can be combined with other spa services to maximize your time spent in the spa.

A lash lift will last between 6-8 weeks depending on your lash density and strength. After 6-8 weeks you will notice that you might want to start using your lash curler again and that they are "back to normal".  

Adding a lash tint to your lift appointment will allow you to look even more fresh! They darken the lashes with a gloss that lasts just as long as your lift. Most of our clients choose not to wear mascara after a lift and tint! 

Eyelash tinting is ideal for you if the lashes you have are full but might be blonde and hard to notice. Even when putting on mascara you can't make it all the way to the lash line and they still end up feeling sparse. 

Lash tinting is the application of a semi permanent gloss over the top of your natural lashes to help add shine, depth, and color to the natural lash. 

This combined with a lash lift really help to enhance your natural lash without the need for extensions.

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